Cat-Lovin’, Beatboxin’, Cupcake-Gorgin’ (The Less Well-Known Journey Song)

Oh, Dear Readers.
I’ve done something that I feel so guilty over, that I had to confess it to you all.
Don’t be too alarmed, however. I didn’t break any laws (that I know of), so don’t worry I’m about to put you in a moral quandary where you wonder desperately if it’s worth reporting a random blogger to some sort of authority figure.
But it’s pretty bad. My only excuse is that, I am most definitely sick. It’s part of the reason I’m still awake at two in the morning even though I feel somewhat miserable (one of the most apt words to describe how I feel when sick). I just can’t sleep for the coughing. So, not only can I excuse it by being sick, but also because I’m sleep-deprived.
My sister, Rachel, is an early childhood education major at the same college I attend. She’s actually almost exactly five years older than me , and she already has one degree. She’s now getting a second, because she’s just that smart. Haha or in reality, because she got the wrong degree the first time and couldn’t do anything with it.
Well, tonight she made cupcakes for a children’s class she works with as part of one of her degree classes. She was so overwhelmed with all the things she needed to do, that she asked me to ice said cupcakes for her. I was somewhat disgruntled by this, because I have an intense, overwhelming love of dessert, and I mean-spiritedly didn’t like the thought that those kids were going to get all the cupcakes while I did all the work. For a dessert lover, making and not partaking is rather difficult. Cue the perfectly apt Zooey Deschanel/Jess from New Girl quote:

It bewilders me how people can not like dessert. It’s a running joke in my family that no matter how full I am after having eaten, I have a separate “dessert tank” that’s always ready and waiting.
Well, tonight at dinner, I was denied one of my favorite desserts, a vanilla shake from a particular restaurant. I was already feeling resentful because of this, and then my sister basically guilts me into icing her cupcakes. Can you just imagine me, in the state I was in, icing STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES without being able to eat them?
But then, miracle of miracles, my sister informs me that there’s enough for my mother and myself to each have one. I ate mine before I even started icing. But I wanted another. So it was still torturous icing those cupcakes. Then, as in a dream, my sister tells me, “Oh, I only need sixteen for my class. You can have another if you want.” I finished icing those cupcakes in record time. What followed was a very bad thing.
I ate not one, not two, but three more cupcakes. In a period of about four to five minutes.
But there, I’ve confessed it. I don’t want to remember that it happened any longer. So moving on.

I realized that, in my last post, perhaps I should have gave some explanation of why my blog is called, somewhat strangely, Boots and Cats. It’s not, as I’ve just realized it might appear to be, a reference to Puss in Boots in any way. Not that I don’t love an Antonio Banderas-voiced feline as much as the next person, but the reasoning is a little more obscure.
Last semester I was hanging out with some of my smart college friends, and we somehow came to be discussing how, if you say “boots and cats” very quickly, it sounds like you’re beatboxing. You can try it yourself.
In the meantime, I worked very hard to make a little video for you all of me attempting this. I unfortunately discovered you must pay for the WordPress upgrade if you want to be able to embed something like that. So next I cleverly thought, I’ll just make a YouTube video and link it. Annnnd…. Success!
I apologize for the terrible quality, my repeated sniffling, and my ham-handed attempts to show you my cats. As you might have guessed, I am not proficient in the making of the videos.
Now, as to how this relates to blog naming. One of my friends, after a rather pathetic but enjoyable period of us beatboxing via this method, had a sudden epiphany and pointed out to me that it would have been the perfect name for my other blog, in which I recently had raved about how much I love to wear tall boots. I also happen to be a (proud) Crazy Cat Lady, so the cat part made perfect sense. When I decided to start a new blog, it was the obvious choice. And thus, Boots and Cats was born.

Now, it has come unpleasantly to my attention that, no matter how whimsically perfect my page theme looks to me, for some strange reason, one stray balloon lurks over the midst of my post. With some scrolling, it can be moved, but I find this very annoying. However, none of the other free WordPress themes appeal to me nearly so much. So, I put the question to you all- do you mind the balloon? Or shall I keep trying other themes? Please sound off in the comments, it would mean so very much to me. And also, I would absolutely love if anyone wanted to make a video of themselves “boots and cats” beatboxing. I would certainly proudly display it in my next post :)


PS My closing, according to this very professional-looking site I googled, supposedly is Swedish for “Farewell.” It also says the word is “outmoded, often used in a melodramatic way.” I quite liked the sound of that. I am planning on ending each post with a closing in a different language, so feel free to comment with any other language closings you may know!

What sayest thou?

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